Discover more at mySpace about me - Farmer ChristianWelcome. Is proud to present "ABOUT US, HISTORY OF THIS SITE.(BETA)" of 'A Travelers Journey, Australia towards 2012' a True to life account of our travels within Australia revealing some destinations you may not have heard of and some with Iconic Popularity. On our travels we regularly update our Blog and video reviews with what's hot and what's not in Accommodation and Tourist Destinations. For each hotel we stay we add a 'peg' to our 'Google Map' below. We'll also add some sights worth seeing and other useful destinations, most with photographs too. It's January 2007 and we commit to keep traveling, exploring this awesome nation down under until December 2012 at which time this web site will be complete and become part of Internet and Earth History <--- This is Version 3.1 of this website in Beta. We welcome to the internet, free video, NOW LIVE! - three cheers Hip Hip Hooray x 3! ChristianC.

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Live video streaming01-June-2008 ODCC TV and partner up for a regular Live, " 2 Minute Gloabl Earth Change Update" plus new episodes of the original "ItsNotSomething Show" We will return in Seven Days with the same location as the Pilot as it's raining again outside even now as I add this edit.

12-Mar-2008 has become part of the carbon offset effort to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and reduce climate change effects and Global Warming. Global Warming... it's NOT something! It's everything, the entire Galaxy and Solar System is becoming into alignment. Are you. Of course, no choice, it's nature and natural evolution. Our sister site, is trading your paypal or e-gold and recycling them into trees and wind turbines for green electricity. is on a parallel journey towards 2012.

07-Jun-2007 Today while walking I thought of an Entertainment concept, 'itsnotsomething'. The pilot episode '2 minutes of change' is published on Google Video and displayed above. itsnotsomething - it's a Journey.

25-Jan-2007 Above will be the Google Map to help choose a destination and date traveled. Our australia360 blog will be where the 'meat' of this site will be located. We will also include to this page a video introduction to get to know 'Us' and the best way to get the most out of this site.

26-Oct-2006 Content of a real nature is coming, later tonight. In Video.

27-Oct-2006 3:38 The first introductory, the dream is discovered video is above. I still have not viewed it or the second part which is currently uploading to (also in Beta). They have been both published on two Blogs, downunder360 @ yahoo360 and my Original base LiveJournal --- Both with RSS for Live updates! Awesome, the dream is becoming better than life! Alls thanks and gratitude for all my creations go to my 'soul flame' my essence of life from deep within, the Word, He that is I AM. This site has began. It is born and growing, evolving ... into something else! cc2k6.

Nulla non diam ac eros semper mattis. Duis rhoncus ultricies mi. Ut sapien nisl, sagittis a, feugiat ut, tincidunt sit amet, lorem. Cras tincidunt leo vel lectus. Enough Latin, time for an update October 27, 2006 19:37, I slept in for most of today, dreaming listening to the tranquility that is Glasshouse Mountains. I called the Real Estate agent and advised them of this web-site, I will contact McDonald's Australia Monday. Take possession, if this is of God's Will, on Tuesday Afternoon.

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Thursday, November 2, 2006 13:24
No change as yet, no calls from Real Estate Agent or McDonald's. E-Mail coming in now for past 3 days, will add update if required. I have just finished watching 'Sydney Reveled' on Travel and Living - Produced by The Travel Channel and after learning some secrets for myself, I am just so Proud of Australia and Being Australian that this web site - is dedicated to Secrets of Australia - Land of the Holy Spirit. With some of the worlds oldest living forests, extinct volcanoes and human cultures only settled by Modern Man less than 225 years ago, Australia is a land of Ancient and New Age Secrets. Since settlement Australia has grown to be the World's Leader in Peace, Compassion, Mate-ship, Conservation, Earth/Space Jet Engine Technology, Communications, Medicine, Sport and many other advancements for all Citizens of Earth. Australia is renowned for openness, honesty and betterment of others. Australia - The best has been saved for Last. Welcome to the six year Journey to Australia, December 20, 2012. Almost half way....

November 2, 2006 13:46
Updated header links. To be completed, About Us and What is: 2012 (This will be basic overview, condensed version with portal type links to other internet resources describing what we can expect as 2012 comes ever-so closer. Australian related information will be thought about later today. Expectations are Travel, Landmarks, Icons, Nature, History, Time Travel, Peace Making, Night-Vision and Star Watching through the clearest, darkest skies on earth (maybe with Magnetic Field Sky Dancing ripples), Live and Local Australia Watch web cameras.

I trade free Carbon Offset Credit - Just to show Support of a Good Project - You can too Click Here 

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